Antica Barbieria Colla’s characters: Enzo Jannacci

Enzo Jannacci, singer, songwriter, comedian and actor, can rightfully be considered a symbol of the city of Milan; on his death in 2013, he was buried in the Monumental Cemetery in the Famedio, the place where those who, in different ways, have contributed to improving the Lombard capital rest and are remembered.

And his music, from the 1960s onwards, has certainly helped to make Milan known, even to those who were not born there but came and stayed there, like Franco Bompieri, of whom as well as being a client he soon became a friend.

The memories related to him are many, among them the fact that he was a shy person and able with his music to tell about Milan rising after World War II .

Charismatic, serious and true, he was able to talk about the past while always being current.

Enzo Jannacci was born in early June and whenever possible we always went to his parties, full of joy, smiles and music.

When he came to the barbershop it was not just to cut his hair, but mainly for the treatment with the candle and also because he loved to have his head scratched: he had his own comb with very hard teeth, which he had managed to recover in one of his trips; he used to ask Franco or whoever for him (in recent years Giordano was serving him) to fearlessly rub on his head during washing, because then the lotion penetrated better and he would have felt “lightened by all thoughts”.

He was a nice, sunny, but also melancholy man.

As evidence of the great friendship and esteem that existed between Franco and Enzo, there is a song included in the 2001 album “Come gli aeroplani”, which is called “Ti luna“: this is nothing more than a poem by Bompieri, present in his 1984 book “Augusto di Setteprati“.