The Production

A combination of tradition, research and Italian craftsmanship

The truth is that my shampoos are made by an artisan who is more that 85 years old, a perfume master who could have been a billionaire thanks to his products, but instead lives on his pension, and produces just for me about 50 liters of shampoo a year starting from very aromatic, maybe common, herbs. He has no secret, but a bond with life”.

(Franco Bompieri, Antica Babrieria “Colla” Ovvero della salute dei capelli, Feltrinelli, 1980)

Antica Barbieria Colla has an ambitious goal: to manufacture refined, high quality products specific for beard and hair care, keeping the old traditions alive. The product line manufacture already started with the founder Dino Colla, who conceived the recipes passed on to Mantovanini and then improved and integrated by Bompieri.

These products feature unique compositions and original fragrances; moreover, they originated from a peculiar aim, that of enhancing barbers’ protocol. They have a specific method of use, perfected over the years under the guidance of meticulous Antica Barbieria Colla owners and employees.

Everything is hand-made in Italy by specialised companies constantly in touch with Antica Barbieria Colla, so to ensure traditions respect, but also continuous research, to make the line more and more complete and able to meet final customers’ needs when it comes to beard and hair.

Details are not left to chance: from colors choice to cases design, done by a few Italian companies selected among the best ones, up to packaging, which in the final step is completely hand-made.