Antica Barbieria Colla method

The value of traditional knowledge that survives the passing of time

Throughout its over one hundred years of history, Antica Barbieria Colla has always been committed to combine tradition and innovation.

If on the one hand the ancient art of hair and beard care has remained almost unchanged during the decades, to the point of turning into actual rituals, on the other a continuous search has been carried on starting from clients’ needs to cater to them increasingly better.

Antica Barbieria Colla method has been developed upon old wisdom which survives temporary fashions. Both the founder, Dino Colla, and his successors Mantovanini and Bompieri, have always put hair, beard and mustache’s specific features at the center of their work, together with the will of taking care of men and their daily grooming needs, creating a unique place where they could actually relax themselves away from the stress and worries of everyday life.

Antica Barbieria Colla truly values the importance of details: our staff pays great attention to each treatment step and uses the most suitable products and techniques to any customer.

Each and every service is carried out as solemnly and charmingly as a ritual, ensuring an authentic sensorial and emotional experience not to be missed, a custom to be handed down from father to son.