Shaving Treatment

The exclusive experience of shaving according to the classic Italian tradition

The ancient art of shaving is a tradition handed down in this salon since 1904.

The service takes about 25 minutes; a sterile disposable razor is used for each customer. The first step is the application of a specific Pre-Shave Cream with a massage; then the face will be prepared with a hot towel treatment to help open up the pores. Next the Shaving Cream is whipped with the extra white natural bristles shaving Brush and the lather is applied with circular movements. Following the shave, a soothing massage with the Aftershave is performed, a hot towel is placed on the face and there will be a final massage to nourish the skin with one of the Aftershave Milk.

Products used at Barbieria during the Treatment::

  • Crema Pre-barba Olio di Mandorla & Aloe
  • Sapone da Barba in Crema all’Olio di Mandorla
  • Pennello da Barba con Setola Naturale
  • Ciotola da Barba
  • Dopobarba Mallo di Albicocche
  • Latte Dopobarba Olio di Mandorla
  • Latte Dopobarba Sandalo Rosso
  • Latte Dopobarba Tabacco Verde

Products you can use at home:

Recommended Routine:

Before shaving, apply a small amount of Pre-Shave Cream on the face massaging gently with circular movements. Moisten the Shaving Brush with some lukewarm water and whip the Shaving Cream with circular movements to get a thick and uniform lather. Apply it on the face with the Brush, always with circular movements, and shave. At the end rinse the face with lukewarm water and treat it with some Apricot Hull Aftershave; once absorbed, if you wish, apply also some Aftershave Milk.

Especially in case of sensitive skin, it is always recommended to use the Aftershave Milk after the Apricot Hull Aftershave, which is particularly soothing and moisturizing. The Aftershave Milk can be used alone when time is tight and in case the skin does not have any specific problem.