Beard Treatment

A meticulous treatment based on the specific needs of the client

The service takes about 30 minutes and it is always tailored according to each customer’s needs. The beard gets brushed and trimmed all over with comb and clippers to make it even and adapt it to facial features. Every now and then the beard gets brushed with some water and conditioner to soften it and if necessary a hot towel is applied on the face to help better absorb the product.

If needed, the area around the mouth and the cheeks get shaved as well.

At the end there will be an oil or wax massage to polish the beard and the possible application of a hot towel for the second time.

Products used at Barbieria during the treatment:

  • Balsamo per Barba con Olio di Jojoba 
  • Olio Secco per Barba Arancio Amaro 
  • Cera per Barba Lucidante e Protettiva 
  • Cera per Baffi Fissaggio Extra Forte 

Products you can use at home:

Recommended Routine:

Wash the beard with the Beard Shampoo and apply a small amount of Beard Conditioner, leaving it for a few minutes to soften hairs; rinse thoroughly.

Once dry, apply either a few drops of Beard Oil if the beard is short or a little bit of Beard Wax if it is long and thick. Moustache can be styled with the Extra-Firm Moustache Wax.