FuoriSalone, come by for your Milano By Night look

Salone and FuoriSalone week has finally arrived, one of Milan’s most eagerly awaited appointments and symbol of a city that is back in turmoil, after two years of pandemic. And Antica Barbieria Colla wants to celebrate this event in a special way: come and visit us for your “Milano By Night” look, beard or shaving service is free for you!

That’s right, the expert barbers of our shop will be at your disposal for an extraordinary opening, today 8 June, until 10 p.m. An opportunity to experience a moment of relaxation and wellbeing, ready to show off an impeccable look for the many happenings of this week. But, beware: book through our usual channels, as seats are limited.

Scintilla, via G.Morone for Milano Design Week

Antica Barbieria Colla, scintilla

The special evening that Antica Barbieria Colla has organized for all its customers is part of a broader event, involving the shops of the iconic Via Gerolamo Morone: “Scintilla“.

On the occasion of Milano Design Week, architect Sonja Vizzini and gallery Mirco Cattai designed a special cabinet covered with no less than 130,000 Swaroski crystals. A true jewel of craftsmanship, inspired by a beautiful prayer rug, also available at the Mirco Cattai Gallery.

The shops on this iconic Milan street, including Antica Barbieria Colla, will display 30 Scintilla’s pieces studded with Swarovski, which can be admired by customers until 12 June.

Image Credits: Vito Corvasce