Hair gel: how to achieve a perfect wet effect

Hair gel is a valuable ally for those who want to keep the hair in order and achieve a particular look, getting a good fixation that lasts a long time. Using the gel, you can also create a perfect wet effect to show off on special occasions or in everyday life.

Regardless of the length, also, the so-called wet style is able to enhance short hair as well as longer hair, however for an optimal result you need to follow two basic strategies: use a product of excellent quality and apply it flawlessly.

Gel wet effect: what technique to use?

Gel per capelli Fico Nero

How to create a perfect wet effect? The gel should be applied and distributed on damp hair, preferably after washing and dabbing with a towel to remove excess water.

After taking a small amount of gel, you need to proceed with the application by opting for one of the two ways illustrated below:

  • on short hair apply it with your fingertips shaping the strands as desired;
  • on long hair proceed from root to tip, also using a comb to give more definition.

For a truly flawless result it is preferable to let your hair dry naturally, without using a hair dryer

Black Fig Hair Gel

Gel per capelli fico nero

Antica Barbieria Colla has created an ultra-light product that allows to obtain a wide variety of styles, ensuring a natural and long-lasting fixing. The Black Fig Hair Gel makes the hair soft and not static.

Its delicate black fig fragrance also allows everyone to use it on any occasion. Another advantage is the ease of application, on dry or wet hair to achieve a wet look. The gel is easily removed with water without leaving residue.

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