How to grow a beard

Over the last years, an increasing number of customers, particularly the young, has come to our salon asking for tips on how to grow a beard.

What on the surface might appear pretty easy, reveals itself as something to not underestimate if we aim at a successful result.

Especially those who intend to grow a beard for the first time have to be aware of what to expect to overcome the first difficulties without getting discouraged and to avoid a frustrating failure.

First of all let’s admit an uncomfortable truth: a long beard is not for everyone, for instance it is strongly discouraged in men having face areas with no hairs.

Then we need to consider that growing a beard requires to be very patient, since the beard has to grow for 2 to 3 weeks before we can start shaping it as we like.

Therefore, growing a beard takes time, mainly for 2 reasons:

  • the beard usually grows in a messy and uneven way in the various face areas, so it could take several months to see the first results;
  • specific care and attention is required that we are going to discuss in detail.

To grow strong and healthy the beard needs to be nourished and moisturized; besides, especially in the first weeks when hairs are harder and more stinging, we need to avoid itching and irritation.

So it is essential to use specific washing and finishing products.

Beard Conditioner and Wax at Antica Barbieria Colla


To wash the beard, we recommend the Darkwood Beard Shampoo and the Jojoba Oil Beard Conditioner. The first, especially created for facial hairs, contains magnesium which strengthens hairs, stimulates blood circulation and helps preventing itching; the latter, which has to be used after shampooing, left in and rinsed like the hair conditioner, nourishes beard hairs making them softer.

We can keep the beard moisturized and soft also when finishing it by choosing the most suitable product based on its features; this will also help protecting the underlying skin.

When we have just started growing our beard we can use the Bitter Orange Dry Beard Oil which is liquid and gets absorbed quickly even when the beard is a few millimeters long. It has to be applied on dry beard to avoid that any remaining water prevents absorption, from 1 to 3/ 4 times a day if the beard is very dry.

When the beard is longer, around 3 centimeters, we can switch to the Polishing and Protective Beard Wax which gets absorbed more slowly thanks to its viscous consistency, thus ensuring an optimal hydration all day long and an effective protection against wind and cold.

Finally, let’s not forget that also the beard, like the hair, to grow better needs to be regularly evened out and restyled; our barbers can help out with that by offering a personalized experience based on each customer’s needs.