Moustache wax: how to use it and recommended products

The moustache is a distinctive feature of the male face that can characterize individual style and reveal much about personality. Taking optimal care of them, however, is essential to enhance them and show off a well-groomed appearance at all times, regardless of age.

Those who love to wear mustaches, for example, cannot do without some specific products designed precisely to soften, nourish and, above all, precisely define their shape. Moustache wax belongs to this category, proving to be a valuable ally in achieving a unique and flawless style.

How to use mustache wax

Rather than having a moisturizing function, proper to other types of products such as balm and oil, moustache wax is generally used for shaping and fixing. Some waxes, however, boast a specific formulation that allows for additional benefits beyond fixing, such as giving shine and softening the hair.

In terms of how to use it, moreover, the wax is applied to dry mustaches as the final step in the daily beauty routine, preferably after washing the mustache thoroughly and moisturizing it using an ad hoc conditioner.

Moustache wax: products and tips

Cera per Baffi Fissaggio Extra-Forte

Antica Barbieria Colla‘s line dedicated to beard care also includes a product created specifically for fixing and shaping moustaches:

  • The Extra-Firm Moustache Wax, in fact, is characterized by a formula that contains fixative agents at the highest level but also emollient elements in a very high percentage, inserted specifically both to provide more nourishment and avoid drying out the hair too much, and to give it a tidy appearance by promoting growth.

Antica Barbieria Colla’s wax, which is long-lasting and has a very delicate fragrance, is easily applied with the help of the index finger and thumb, shaping the whiskers according to personal preference.