Algae Shampoo

Algae Shampoo

6.8fl. oz.

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It is ideal for hair with dandruff, which typically affects men and is due to various factors, including stress and poor diet. The main ingredient around which the composition of this product is developed is spirulina, primarily known as a nutritional supplement, but great also for cosmetics. Spirulina, and seaweeds in general, are rich in vitamins (A in particular) and minerals (among which zinc and selenium) that help restoring skin hydrolipidic balance and controlling sebaceous glands activity; for this reason they prove particularly effective in treating dandruff.

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Our suggestion

Spread a small quantity of the product on wet scalp and hair, massage gently and rinse well.

Interesting Facts

Among our well-known customers particularly fond of this product there is Giulio Malgara, an important Italian businessman, friend of Silvio Berlusconi.

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