Extra-Firm Moustache Wax

Extra-Firm Moustache Wax

1.4fl. oz.

30,00Tax included

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Like every Antica Barbieria Colla product, this lightly fragranced wax is firstly conceived to ensure moustache well-being, allowing it to grow strong and healthy and ensuring at the same time a neat and tidy appearance.

Its formula features fixing agents at the highest level, but unlike common waxes, softening ingredients are present as well in large proportion, to provide greater nourishment and prevent hairs from drying.

This peculiar composition assures a more plastic rather than static effect and therefore moustache styling can last for a few hours, making it possible to apply the wax repeatedly during the day for an always flawless result.

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Our suggestion

Take the desired amount of product with the index finger, rub it between the latter and the thumb and apply it to moustache with the help of these two fingers.

Interesting Facts

Antica Barbieria Colla has always had customers with moustache, like Giacomo Puccini, whose moustache brush is still kept in the salon. This wax was specifically developed after many years of research; in the past such a product did not exist and the good old brillantine was used to style moustache.

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