Hair & Body Cleansing

Hair & Body Cleansing

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A cleansing indicated for the face, scalp and hair. The main ingredients around which the composition of this product is developed are Spirulina Algae and Aloe: this combination reduces the itching caused by flaking of the scalp and, thanks to its moisturizing action, also helps preventing the appearance of dandruff, making the hair healthier and shinier and the follicles stronger, giving softness and at the same time eliminating the typical static nature of the thinnest and most fragile hair. These two elements together are also a healthy touch for the epidermis..

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Our suggestion

On the body: apply a small amount of product and massage gently. Leave on for about ten seconds, then rinse with plenty of water and several times. On the hair: it should be used as a normal shampoo: apply the product to dry hair with a light massage. Leave on for a few seconds then rinse thoroughly and several times with warm water.

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