Herbal Conditioner

Herbal Conditioner

8.5fl. oz.

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The main ingredients of this product, around which its composition is developed, are mallow, moisturizing and calming; fenugreek, which helps making hair glossier, thicker and more voluminous; nettle, which boosts blood circulation stimulating hair growth, reduces excessive sebum restoring scalp natural pH and prevents follicles obstruction.

These ingredients make the conditioner formula not too oily and suitable to all hair types.

Its creamy consistency helps untangling the most difficult knots without breaking the hair.

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Our suggestion

After shampooing, spread a small quantity of conditioner on your hand and apply it on the tips of your wet hair, massaging and untangling it; if hair is long, use a wide-toothed comb. Then rinse with hot water followed by cold water.

Interesting Facts

The CEO of a renowned Italian tire manufacturer is particularly fond of this product and he usually buys 3 to 4 pieces a month.

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