Hyaluronic Acid&Caffeine Face Cream

Hyaluronic Acid&Caffeine Face Cream

3.4fl. oz.

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A moisturizing face cream for every day, soft and suitable for all skin types.

Two main elements balance this product:

  • – caffeine has a draining, anti-fatigue and toning action, useful in case of eye bags and dark circles;
  • – hyaluronic acid, which provides the epidermis with a brighter complexion. It acts as a volume booster on the skin, giving the cheeks and jawline contours a fuller appearance. It helps the skin to maintain its firmness, making it appear more toned.

It ensures optimal hydration, alleviating existing wrinkles and preventing the formation of new ones, and helps the skin to stay hydrated for longer.

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Our suggestion

Apply on dry skin with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

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