Jojoba Oil Beard Conditioner

Jojoba Oil Beard Conditioner

3.4fl. oz.

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The main ingredient of this product, around which its composition is developed, is jojoba oil, which is rich in important vitamins (among which vitamin E) and minerals like zinc, and therefore it is widely employed for hair and skin care. Its chemical composition is similar to the one of human sebum, thus providing adequate nutrition to beard hairs which become soft, shiny and easy to comb.

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Our suggestion

Apply on wet beard gently massaging to untangle possible knots (in case of long beard it is recommended to use a comb); after three minutes rinse thoroughly.

Interesting Facts

Although this product was studied to be rinsed, its great soothing properties are confirmed by the fact that it can be also used as a leave-in conditioner in case of particularly damaged beards. A shutter speed of only ten minutes already ensures a softer and shinier beard.

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