Mallow Shampoo

Mallow Shampoo

6.8fl. oz.

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It is suitable for all hair types and for daily use.

Mallow is a typical plant of the Mediterranean areas where it spontaneously grows in lawns and fallow fields up to an altitude of 1300 meters. Its own name comes from the Latin world mollire, which means “to soften”: indeed, it has been known since the ancient Roman times for its soothing, moisturizing and calming properties. This shampoo ensures hair brightness and volume and provides relief to scalp when it gets irritated due to environmental and atmospheric agents.

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Our suggestion

Spread a small quantity of the product on wet scalp and hair, massage gently and rinse well.

Interesting Facts

When during Christmas times, but also in other periods of the year, clients come to Barbieria looking for a haircare gift, we usually suggest this shampoo: thanks to its features, it is perfect for any kind of hair.

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