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The mustache brush has been an indispensable accessory for men's grooming for centuries. And today, thanks also to the trends that have brought the mustache back into vogue, it is increasingly sought after by admirers and those who wish to show off a tidy and well-managed mustache.

For this reason, Antica Barbieria Colla has created an elegant small horn topped mustache brush made of oiled pear wood with wild boar bristles, which help to untangle facial hair by acting deeply and eliminating excess static energy.

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Our suggestion

The mustache should be combed regularly to ensure its shape by orienting hairs in the desired direction, remove dust, skin flakes and other residues and ensure its shine.

Interesting Facts

Antica Barbieria Colla preserves several mustache brushes from distant times. Among the many, the one belonging to Giacomo Puccini stands out.

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