Natural Bristle Shaving Brush

Natural Bristle Shaving Brush

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Professional shaving brush hand-made with high-quality and very durable materials. Pig’s natural white extra bristles are finer and firmer that those commonly used: on the one hand, they ensure a deeper massage, better preparing the skin for shaving; on the other, they make it easier to melt the soap down. As for the handle, it is made of cold-drawn aluminum and each piece is polished and smoothed down individually.

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Our suggestion

Use a shaving brush and a bowl to whip the shaving cream into a nice lather. Place a small amount of the lather on the tip of the damp shaving brush and apply with a quick circular movement onto face. Shave away, repeat if needed and finish by rinsing the face with cold water. If the shaving brush is new, we recommend to leave it in water for a few hours to allow the bristles to hydrate and become more flexible. After each shave, rinse the brush thoroughly with warm water and flick brush hairs to remove stubborn water. It is advisable to wash the brush periodically using a bit of shampoo.

Interesting Facts

Barbieria’s shaving brush has always been made of pig’s bristles: Franco Bompieri, as a good country man, had great respect for rural knowledge that thought the world of this animal, considering each of its body parts very valuable.

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