Walnut Shampoo

Walnut Shampoo

6.8fl. oz.

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Ideal for oily hair, it is prepared based on the traditional 1924 recipe passed on from Colla to Bompieri. This product effectiveness is due to one of its main ingredients, nut, which has great sebum-balancing and astringent properties. If used regularly, it normalizes sebum production without drying the hair, ensures an adequate supply of nourishing substances and keeps the hair clean for a longer time.

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Our suggestion

Spread a small quantity of the product on wet scalp and hair, massage gently and rinse well.

Interesting Facts

There was a popular songwriter in Milan who could not do without this shampoo: when its production stopped for a while, it is said he complained threatening Bompieri to break the style rules of the time and show up in the salon wearing his tennis shoes, to which he had recently dedicated a song.   

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