Shaving and sun: how to take care of the skin

As we all know by now, with summer on its way it is very important to adequately protect the skin from the sun’s rays, which can cause wrinkles and spots to appear, annoying erythema and painful burns.

Those who usually shave their face or head and cannot therefore count on the natural protection offered by hair should observe some precautions, let’s see which ones.

  • Remember to avoid exposing yourself directly to the sun immediately after shaving in order not to cause the skin further stress in addition to that of the razor; shaved skin is also generally lighter and therefore more sensitive to sunlight. So, better shave the day before.
  • Use a specific sun product for shaved skin, which should be applied both before sun exposure (for example at home before going out) and during exposure with a certain frequency, especially if the formula is not water resistant. In addition to shielding from UV rays, sunscreen helps to counteract skin dehydration caused by the sun.
  • For those with a shaved head, as the skin in this area is particularly delicate, it’s a good rule to use a sunscreen with at least spf 30 even in the city; it would also be good to protect yourself with a hat, especially if you spend a whole day outdoors.
  • Pay particular attention to the nape of the neck, where the skin is very sensitive and you tend to sweat more in the heat: make sure you apply the cream also in this area and when possible keep it covered.
  • Even those who shave their face should use a high protection product, or at least suitable for their skin type, and possibly with a non-greasy formula, in order not to favor the onset of pimples and irritation.
  • After sun exposure apply a moisturizing and soothing product to both the skin of the face and head.

You just need to follow these few simple tips to fully enjoy the sun and avoid unpleasant consequences, even with shaved skin.

This is why Antica Barbieria Colla for this summer season has created a specific sun product for those who shave their face and/ or head, with spf 30 protection and extremely delicate: in its formula deliberately not waterproof to be lighter and easily tolerated by shaved skin there are aloe, almond and wheat germ oil for the specific calming, softening and soothing properties that give life to a light and enveloping texture.

After Shaving Sun Cream spf30