Why do we always need to clean the scalp in order to wash the hair?

After analyzing hair structure and discussing sebum, today we talk about the massage we should always do to the skin when we wash the hair.

Sometimes when we touch our scalp with fingertips, especially in case of oily skin and if we are particularly careful, we might feel some very small sand grains.

These are nothing but sebum leftovers, dandruff or “pollution” which lie on the scalp and prevent it from breathing properly.

As human beings suffer from lack of air, so do the hair.

A deep scalp massage has indeed this very purpose: to reactivate blood circulation under the scalp.

The tiny cells at the bottom of the hair follicle divide and develop many nice keratin fibers only if they get enough food, and that’s what blood does.

To put it better, scalp dermal papillae are reached by a number of capillaries slightly less than double than those reaching the nose tip, therefore the more the blood in that area, the better for the hair.

What can we do then to wash the scalp properly?

At Antica Barbieria Colla we use an alcoholic lotion before shampooing, one specific for oily skin and another for dry skin. We massage with it the upper part of the head, where men usually lose their hair, pressing strongly with fingertips to eliminate excessive sebum and dandruff.

Scalp massage at Antica Barbieria Colla


At this point we can use a shampoo to wash the hair, which once rinsed and blotted with a towel will be ready for the Capsicum and Menthol Lotion.

This alcohol-based product is by far the best Antica Barbieria Colla product.

If you already appreciate the feeling of freshness and energy it gives when washing your hair at home, rest assured that when our barbers will put it on your head at the end of the treatment started with the pre-shampooing lotion, it will get more easily into the skin reactivating blood circulation. And you’ll feel it, for sure.

Finally, after massaging the scalp with the Capsicum and Menthol Lotion, always remember to brush your hair when still wet also with a stiff bristle hairbrush from right to left and viceversa.