Hair washing frequency

Our recommendations and advices

One of the most debated topic, upon which also the industry professionals quite often do not agree, is the frequency of hair washing.

Despite the adage according to which hair daily washing causes it to get dirtier, for us at Antica Barbieria Colla the answer to those asking how often hair should be washed is easy: every day.

From our point of view what matters most is not only to have clean hair, but also a clean scalp.

Those who are familiar with us know for sure that the health of the hair is not just about the external structure, but also about the underlying scalp: as facial skin needs to be washed daily, so the scalp has to be cleaned every day from excessive sebum, smog residue and dead cells in order for it to breath freely.

Besides, we should not forget that massaging when washing contributes to reactivate the blood circulation, which provides nourishment to our hair.

For a proper daily hair wash we suggest to use a delicate shampoo specific to each type of scalp so to avoid dryness and irritation, rinse well with lukewarm water to remove residue and use the conditioner which helps protecting  hair shafts from environmental damage.

The expert’s tip is also to have a final rinse with cold water, thus ensuring a lash to the skin, which  proves always useful to reactivate blood circulation in the scalp.