Last minute Christmas gifts? 5 Antica Barbieria Colla products

Christmas holidays are almost upon us and, like every year, the period of the race for last minute Christmas gifts begins. Among the daily commitments, the difficulties in finding the perfect gift and the desire to give an original present, we often find ourselves shopping at the last moment. For example, what kind of gift for a friend who is passionate about style, for your partner or, why not, for your father?

To avoid the stress and frenzy of the last days, however, there is a very simple solution: to rely on the five best sellers of Antica Barbieria Colla. Christmas gifts that will surely be appreciated by our loved ones, as they are made with care, of the highest quality and perfect for any occasion. And that’s not all, because by purchasing one of our products by December 20, you will receive a voucher for a free treatment in the barbershop in via Gerolamo Morone 3 in Milan, for yourself or to give to whoever you want. Let’s find out together the five musts that cannot be missing under the Christmas tree!

Apricot Hull Aftershave

Dopobarba Mallo di Albicocche

The Apricot Hull Aftershave is one of the most loved products of Antica Barbieria Colla, a solution that can never be missing in the beauty routine of all men. It relaxes, tones and refreshes the face after shaving and, last but not least, it has a calming action to prevent skin irritation and protect it from daily aggressions, such as atmospheric agents and pollution.

All thanks to the apricot hull, an element extracted from the fruit stone, but also from its richness in vitamins and essential fat acids. Furthermore, its delicate formula is also perfect for sensitive skin and the non-greasy texture promotes its absorption.

Capsicum & Menthol Lotion

Lozione Capsico & Mentolo

Surely one of the most loved and requested products of Antica Barbieria Colla, the Capsicum & Menthol Lotion was born from the experience and intuition of Franco Bompieri who, during a trip to Sicily, learned the properties of capsicum to promote blood circulation in the scalp. By adding menthol, Franco was able to obtain a lotion with renowned refreshing properties.

But what are the benefits of the product? Thanks to the combination of capsicum and menthol, the lotion strengthens the hair and stimulates its growth, precisely by promoting the blood flow to the skin. Besides, it also ensures a pleasant moment of freshness and relaxation.

Almond Oil Hard Shaving Soap

Sapone da barba all'Olio di Mandorle

Unquestionably one of Antica Barbieria Colla most popular products, so much so that it literally sells out, the Almond Oil Hard Shaving Soap is the perfect Christmas gift for shaving enthusiasts. Completely handmade, it takes advantage of the properties of almond oil and its unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to deeply moisturize the skin. In fact, the skin appears softer, given the emollient action, while the beard hair is softened, thus attenuating the aggressive action of the razor.

Furthermore, it prevents skin redness and is also ideal for those with sensitive skin, for a stress-free shave. What better idea, then, for the now imminent Christmas?

Red Sandalwood Aftershave Milk

Dopobarba Sandalo Rosso

A product that embodies the essence of the East, thanks to the red sandal. Useful for reducing irritation after shaving, tightening pores and moisturizing the skin, the Red Sandalwood Aftershave Milk offers a pleasant moment of relaxation, thanks to its fragrance.

An scent that comes from the wood, often used also in aromatherapy to harmonize the senses. A rich, full-bodied fragrance, powerful and penetrating.

Cologne 4

Colonia 4

Finally, why not to end the round of Christmas gifts with an unforgettable cologne, which will allow your loved ones to remember you every time they wear ir? For this purpose, our Cologne 4 is perfect: thanks to the combination of lemon, rosemary and lavender, it offers a luminous and sunny fragrance, ready to give a moment of pleasant relaxation.

That’s not all, as its heart is characterized by the essence of pink and orange, which blend with the intense aroma of neroli and jasmine. At the bottom, a light note of cedarwood and coumarin.