Apricot Hull Aftershave

Apricot Hull Aftershave

3.4fl. oz.

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Alcohol-free, the main ingredient of this product is apricot hull, extracted from the stone of this fruit. Rich in vitamins and essential fat acids, it leaves the face smooth, toned and fresh after shaving. Moreover, it is very calming and prevents skin rashes; it also protects from atmospheric agents and pollution which attack everyday facial skin. Its gentle formula makes it easy to be absorbed and not oily.

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At Antica Barbieria Colla we still remember a customer who used to buy 10 pieces of this product every time not to run out of it: once he himself revealed that also his wife and daughters used it as an after-sun lotion during summertime.

Interesting Facts

If used before the warm cloth: pour a small amount of product into the palm, rub it on both hands and begin to massage the freshly shaved skin. Since the cream is quite thick, one might choose to apply the warm cloth even if the product has not been completely absorbed. This will help open the pores to allow the emulsion in. If applied after the warm cloth: always use a very small amount of product and start massaging the face with both hands. The skin will need a long massage in order to ensure the absorption of the emulsion.

In the cold months, due to the low temperatures to which the products are often subjected during transport between our warehouse and each customer's destination, the viscosity of the aftershave could increase and make it difficult for the product to come out of its glass bottle; therefore, if this phenomenon is encountered, it is advisable to let the product rest without the box near a heat source for a period of time not exceeding 5 hours.

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