Let’s talk about dandruff

Dandruff is a major problem affecting adult males’ hair:  the little white flakes we see in the hair and on clothes are remains of dry and death cells which come off due to an excessive turnover of skin cells.

Since the scalp is irritated, dandruff often involves itchiness and the need to scratch, besides enhancing flaking, can cause skin scrapes leading to a risk of infection.

Dandruff is clearly one of the biggest threaten to hair health: it damages both the delicate cells at the bottom of the bulb responsible for continual hair growth, and for the other scalp areas which get weaker, irritated and itchy.

Since it usually features some psychological distress, in our salon we have always paid great attention to it.

Nowadays we know that dandruff has several causes :

  • a fungus naturally occurring on the scalp which metabolizes sebum, producing and inflammatory response;
  • hormonal changes altering sebum production;
  • emotional and physical stress, also related to season changes during which dandruff issue are more frequent (so we hope that not too many people are suffering from it at the moment, being this one our third lockdown),
  • bad eating habits like fats and alcohol overconsumption;
  • use of haircare products causing irritation or sensitivity.

Algae Shampoo by Antica Barbieria Colla


This very last aspect prompted us to design a specific product, the Algae Shampoo, based on seaweeds among which spirulina, giving the characteristic blue color: rich in vitamins and minerals, they help restoring skin hydrolipidic balance and controlling sebaceous glands activity.

Just to be clear: this shampoo doesn’t heal severe dandruff, but its daily use offers concrete help in preventing it.

Dandruff is usually a minor and manageable issue, but it’s important to keep in mind that if it gets frequent or if dermatitis symptoms occur, you should address a dermatologist.