Antica Barbieria Colla’s characters: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

It was back in 1966 when Guido Mantovanini, second owner of the barber shop, received an unexpected call. There were many famous people who were daily sitting on Antica Barbieria Colla chairs, but  being chosen by the English Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was really a thrill.

Here we tell you through the memories of Franco Bompieri that time.

Text taken from Presi per i capelli by Franco Bompieri (Mondadori 2000)


« We were about to close the shop that night in September 1966. The Clubino janitor stopped in the doorway and with displayed indifference said:

“Tomorrow, around ten-thirty, Prince Philip of Edinburgh would come to get shaved”.

Guido Mantovanini, the owner, who always respected the rule that all customers are the same, at that announcement whitened a little, and said:

“Get ready”.

“Is it for tomorrow, isn’t it?” I resisted.

“It’s for tomorrow, but we get ready nevertheless”.

Prince Philip was in Italy for a hunting party, organized by the Marquis Medici del Vassello in his reserve “La Mandria” in Piedmont.

After the hunt, a big party at Palazzo Belgioioso, residence of the Marquis; to sleep the Prince had however preferred the “Clubino” guesthouse , very close to Palazzo Belgioioso and Antica Barbieria Colla. »