Green Tobacco Aftershave Milk

Green Tobacco Aftershave Milk

3.4fl. oz.

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An essential aftershave product which helps reducing irritation, tightening the pores, calming, moisturizing and refreshing the skin. This earthy fragrance is extracted from the fermented leaves of the tobacco plant. It releases a warm and cozy sensation that inspires a sense of inner strength and energy. An intense scent that pleasantly endures after shaving.

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Our suggestion

Shake well before using; then apply a few drops on the skin, massaging until the product is fully absorbed.

Interesting Facts

The aftershave line with its three fragrances was introduced in 2014 as Francesca, Franco Bompieri’s daughter and also the current owner of Antica Barbieria Colla, joined the company. She created them together with the production to address the specific need of some customers who were looking for a lighter and more easily absorbed summertime product compared to the historic Apricot Hull Aftershave.

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