Polishing & Protective Beard Wax

Polishing & Protective Beard Wax

3.4fl. oz.

64,00Tax included

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It nourishes the beard, keeping it soft and shiny. Since it includes a combination of active ingredients, sometimes, due to outside temperature changes, microspheres might appear, without causing any tampering of the product itself. To eliminate these microspheres, just take the desired amount of wax and warm it up with your hands, then apply the product as usual.

From June 2024 the product size has changed from 2.5 fl. oz. to 3.4 fl. oz.

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Our suggestion

Take a small amount of product and rub it in your hands to warm it. Apply the wax pinching the beard with fingertips.

Interesting Facts

This wax ensures a great defense against wind and cold weather; its use is therefore recommended also to prevent underlying skin redness and cracking. Besides, during summertime it can help avoid brown beard from turning reddish due to the effect of sun, wind and salty water.

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