The sound of scissors

In our official press release there is a sentence describing our shop with these words:

“Walking through its door is like travelling through time”.

Many wonder how we managed to keep almost intact within the walls of our shop the atmosphere it most likely had at the beginning of the past century, although over a hundred years have passed.

I asked myself the same question for long; after the years passed listening to my father’s stories and the many hours I spent in a place that became my second home, today I believe I can say why it seems time has stopped here.

Certainly it has to do with our location, via Gerolamo Morone, one of the historic street in Milan city center, and with the fact that most of the inside furnishings and objects are the original ones. But besides it, our shop has succeeded in keeping alive those attitude and professional values which have distinguished it since its foundation in 1904: the work of the barber is sober, discreet, silent and respectful of the customers’ privacy.

We want to offer to those sitting in our barber chairs not only a beard and hair service, but also an exclusive moment for themselves, far from the outside bustle and noise.

This is the reason why we have always chosen not to have any background music, neither the classical one so appreciated by many customers of ours who regularly attend the La Scala Theater; we want the only score to be the sound of the scissors working and the noise of the streetcar n.1 crossing the nearby via Manzoni, as it was at the old times of Dino Colla.