Almond Oil Hard Shaving Soap: how to use it best?

The Almond Oil Hard Shaving Soap is one of Antica Barbieria Colla most loved products. Its incredible scent transforms the moment of shaving into a pleasure break to dedicate to yourself, while the soft and compact texture guarantees a perfect result even at home, without irritating the skin. But how to use it best?

Perhaps not everyone knows that, to take advantage of the maximum benefits of our soap, it is useful to follow a specific ritual. In fact, it is not enough to dip the shaving brush in the cream of the soap: for a barber-proof shave, you need to put a few simple tips into practice.

Sapone da Barba Olio Mandorla

First, let’s have a look at what you need. To make the most of all the potential of the Almond Oil Hard Shaving Soap, it is recommended to get:

  • A brush with resistant bristles, like that of Antica Barbieria Colla, made entirely of natural bleached pig bristles;
  • A metal or ceramic bowl to hold the soap;
  • A smaller bowl to whip up the soap itself, for example our polished stainless steel Shaving Bowl.

Once you have everything you need, you can proceed with the so-called “saponata” – this is how we define the action of whipping the soap – following two different ways: let’s see them together.

Saponata if you have a bowl to hold the soap

For those who already have a bowl to hold the soap, the saponata will be very easy to make at home. We start by wetting the brush with hot water, so that the bristles soften and it is easier to collect the soap.

At this point, the brush is positioned on the side of the Almond Oil Hard Shaving Soap and, with a slight push of the hand, you rotate the bowl. This will allow you to collect the right amount of soap on the brush for the shave.

Then, using the shaving bowl, the collected soap is whipped up to obtain a soft and compact consistency.

Saponata if you don’t have a bowl to hold the soap

You should not despair if you do not have a bowl available to hold the soap. Also in this case it will be possible to obtain an artful saponata, with a procedure very similar to that seen previously.

Just take a fairly abundant flake of soap and place it in the shaving bowl and, after thoroughly wetting the brush, proceed with the saponata.

Let’s not forget about the face

To get the maximum comfort and the highest precision in shaving, it is not enough to mount the soap inside its bowl. It is above all useful to distribute it evenly on the face, performing a real saponata while applying it.

With the help of the brush, the soap is applied by massaging for a long time on the area to be treated, with circular movements that allow the product to become more and more creamy and soft. This action, in addition to preparing and lifting the hairs for shaving, helps to open the pores thanks to the action of heat and to significantly reduce irritation due to the razor.