Irritated skin after shaving: why it happens and what products to use

Shaving is a daily appointment that many men cannot give up. Those who prefer a face that is always smooth and tidy, in fact, find themselves having to tinker with razors, shaving creams, aftershaves and other products every day. And if the shaving is not done artfully, the skin can suffer. Redness, irritation, cuts and micro wounds: all conditions which, in addition to making one’s appearance less perfect, can also be very annoying.

Yet why does the skin become irritated after shaving and, above all, what products to use to prevent this from happening? Just follow the advice of Antica Barbieria Colla.

Why the skin gets irritated

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Daily shaving is not only a moment of pleasure that many men give themselves, but also a necessity that requires attention and delicacy. It is still a practice that involves a certain stress on the skin, for example due to the friction of the razor blades, and consequently a careless technique can cause annoying irritation. So much so that at a dermatological level there is also a specific disorder, called “razor irritation” or “shaving irritation“: it is a condition where the most superficial layers of the skin are continuously damaged due to strong mechanical stress.

But what are the most common causes of red and sore skin?

  • Dry shaving: many men, perhaps to fix the mild regrowth of a single day, proceed with dry shaving in the belief to save time. And this is perhaps the case: the procedure is faster, but the irritations multiply;
  • Low quality razor: a low quality razor, perhaps with irregular or excessively worn blades, makes
  • the possibility of running into cuts and redness more likely;
  • Too much pressure: it’s time to dispel the false belief that you press the blade hard on your face for a perfect shave, especially in areas where the beard is thickest. It is a major cause of razor irritation;
  • Poor preparation: the face must be prepared before shaving. First of all with hot water – preferably with compresses with a warm towel – to facilitate the opening of the pores. After that, you need a correct use of the shaving soap, which will have to be massaged for a long time to stimulate circulation, lift the hairs and soften the skin.

What products to use against beard irritation?

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Luckily, even the less experienced hands will be able to greatly limit the hassles of shaving, by resorting to some essential products. Among the most popular proposals of Antica Barbieria Colla, we recommend:

    • Almond Oil & Aloe Pre-Shave Cream: designed to massage the face before shaving, it favors the sliding of the blade and protects the skin from irritation. Thanks to almond oil and aloe, two remedies known not only for their softening features, but also to calm the skin;
    • Apricot Hull Aftershave: rich in vitamins and essential fat acids, it relaxes, tones and calms the skin after shaving. And it not only protects from the action of the razor, but also from the aggressiveness of daily atmospheric agents;
    • After Shaving Sun Cream SPF 30: face skin must be cared for and protected not only during the shaving phase, but throughout the day. This is why it is useful to use a sunscreen with SPF30, since the action of UV rays dries and flakes the skin, as well as causing long-term damage. The proposal of Antica Barbieria Colla, thanks to the action of almond oil, aloe and wheat germ, also has a calming and moisturizing, as well as protective effect.