Toothed scissors and other tools

In our salon we refer to the ancient tradition of Italian barbershop not only when it comes to shaving, but also in the case of hair treatment.

Hair health always comes first for us and this leads us to keep alive some traditional practices from which the hair greatly benefits.

As we saw in detail in a previous article while washing the head we always go for a skin massage which has the main purpose of reactivating the circulation of the scalp, essential to bring the necessary nourishment to the hair.

In this phase we use a traditional oval-shaped head scratching comb with thin and flexible bristles that allows us to:

  • make the massage more vigorous and deep, but still delicate;
  • stimulate microcirculation in the scalp, improving the activity of the hair follicle;
  • stretch the cranial muscles;
  • promote better absorption by the skin of the products that are subsequently applied, such as the Capsicum & Menthol Lotion.


Professional head scratcher


Another traditional aspect that continues to live within the walls of our shop is the use of toothed scissors instead of a razor to thin out the hair.

In fact, the razor cuts diagonally and this leads the hair to “fray”: this makes it frizzy, unruly and subject to split ends.

The toothed scissors, on the other hand, ensure a straight, clean and precise cut, which does not damage the hair structure.

Professional toothed scissor


It is these precautions, which might seem simple details, to distinguish the method of Antica barbieria Colla that has been handed down since 1904.