Dry hair in men: which products improve hair and scalp

Dry hair can occur in any season of the year, as a consequence of overly aggressive treatments or habits that need to be corrected. Behind the appearance of increased dryness of the hair there may also be internal causes such as a diet lacking in certain nutrients or hormonal problems.

When hair appears dry to the touch, sebum production by the scalp glands is not efficient enough, leading to a lack of lubrication, which manifests itself on the hair shaft and roots.

Causes of dry hair in men

It is often the prolonged use of products that do not meet the specific needs of the hair that makes it particularly dry and arid. Aggressive shampooing, too frequent washing, close dyeing and bleaching treatments can have negative effects on both the scalp and the lengths.

These causes are compounded by air pollution, saltiness, chlorine from the swimming pool, heat from the hairdryer and straightener and even the use of water at high temperatures.

Products for dry and parched hair

What can you do to improve the appearance of your hair and care for your scalp? Combining a shampoo for dry hair with a moisturising conditioner and a soothing lotion is certainly the right way to go. Antica Barbieria Colla has also thought about the wellbeing of the dullest and driest hair, proposing some products that can improve the appearance and texture of hair from the very first use.

Almond Shampoo

Shampoo Mandorla

Ideal for nourishing dry hair without weighing it down, the Almond Shampoo by Antica Barbieria Colla contains an ingredient rich in fatty acids, proteins and vitamin E: this is the famous almond oil, used in cosmetics since ancient times.

Mallow shampoo

Shampoo Malva

Suitable for all hair types, Mallow Shampoo is also useful for frequent washing of the driest hair, thanks to the emollient potential of mallow. This shampoo gives shine and volume and soothes an irritated scalp.

Hair & Body Cleansing

Detergente Capelli e Corpo, blog

Those who prefer to use a single product to cleanse hair and body can opt for the Hair & Body Cleansing from ABC’s Men Skin Care Collection. Delicate and soothing, it contains Spirulina Algae and Aloe, which have a strong moisturising action and give softness to the hair, eliminating the static typical of thinner and more fragile hair.