Greasy hair in men: which shampoo reduces the oily effect

For those dealing with greasy hair, the choice of shampoo should never be left to chance. In fact, using products that are not specific for the hygiene and care of greasy hair can greatly irritate the scalp, causing inflammation, itching and discomfort.

Only a specific shampoo for greasy hair guarantees a formulation that can best regulate the production of sebaceous secretions, avoiding completely canceling it and making the scalp excessively dry.

How to care for oily hair

Taking care of greasy hair means preventing seborrhea, the copious production of sebum on the scalp and hair shaft, from making the hair greasy and oily-looking.

A frequent consequence of seborrhea, moreover, is the formation of oily dandruff, which manifests as pale, often yellowish flakes. Then, sebum deposits can also clog hair follicles, preventing hair from growing and developing in a healthy and regular manner.

While performing frequent washes is an effective strategy for managing greasy hair, it is equally crucial to choose a gentle shampoo that is not harsh and can rebalance sebum production.

Oily hair shampoo: which one to choose?

Shampoo alghe

Relying on experts is certainly the way to go to treat greasy hair properly. Antica Barbieria Colla, for example, meets the demand for specific products for this type of hair that comes from the male audience, providing some shampoos characterized by a specific formulation:

  • Algae Shampoo, ideal for restoring the hydrolipidic balance of the scalp and regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands. Also suitable for hair with dandruff, it boasts as its main ingredient spirulina and other algae rich in vitamins (especially A) and minerals (including zinc and selenium);
  • Walnut Shampoo, designed specifically for washing oily hair and created based on a traditional recipe dating back to 1924. The nut, in fact, is characterized by its well-known sebum-balancing and astringent properties, normalizing sebum production without, however, drying out the hair, allowing for cleaner hair for longer.

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