Black Friday Days: your favourite products at a special price

Black Friday is just around the corner and Antica Barbieria Colla has decided to launch its most advantageous promotion ever, for all newsletter subscribers:

  • from Nov. 14 and until Cyber Monday on Monday 28, it is possible to buy products from the hair, beard and shaving lines at a 30 percent discount.

Two weeks of convenience starting long before “Black Friday”, a day that this year falls on November 24, extending until the following Monday: a unique opportunity to buy your favorite products and explore the wide range of handcrafted and Made in Italy solutions offered by Antica Barbieria Colla.

Hair routine for healthy and strong hair

Shampoo Malva

The combination consisting of shampoo and conditioner is always beneficial for healthy and strong hair. To set up an effective daily routine, it’s important to choose a product that responds optimally to your hair type:

  • Mallow Shampoo, suitable for daily use to give shine and relief to a scalp irritated by weathering;
  • Algae Shampoo, suitable for hair with dandruff and containing spirulina, which is very rich in vitamins and minerals useful for restoring hydrolipid balance and regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • Herbal Conditioner, a valuable ally for strengthening the hair, thanks to the combined action of mallow, fenugreek and nettle, which stimulate growth and blood circulation;
  • Capsicum & Menthol Lotion, to be applied in drops directly to the scalp to bring about a refreshing effect simply by massaging with your fingers.

How to achieve a perfect shave

Saponette da Barba

Taking care of the skin on the face in the phase before and after the actual shave: here is the solution to get the most out of the passage of the blade, taking care to use specific products that will suit even the most sensitive skin:

  • Almond Oil & Aloe Pre-Shave Cream, excellent for preventing irritation and protecting the skin from the aggression of the razor, thanks to its remarkable emollient and nourishing properties;
  • Almond Oil Hard Shaving Soap, to be used with the brush by making gentle circular movements, rich in unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that can ensure a moisturizing and emollient effect;
  • Almond Oil Aftershave Milk, which completes the routine by tightening pores and calming irritation.

Soft and groomed beard: must-have products

Shampoo e olio per barba

Setting a beard routine based on the use of quality products is the secret to having a soft and groomed beard. Antica Barbieria Colla has created a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for facial hair:

  • Darkwood Beard Shampoo, rich in magnesium, cleanses the beard and mustache while helping to reduce irritation and stimulating blood circulation so that skin elasticity is improved;
  • Jojoba Oil Beard Conditioner, based on vitamin E but also precious minerals such as zinc, promotes beard growth and protects the skin by stimulating its regeneration.

Gift ideas for every occasion

The promotion dedicated to Antica Barbieria Colla newsletter subscribers is the perfect opportunity to stock up on favorite products but also to get ahead with Christmas gifts for loved ones, even creating original combinations.

Packing together a Shampoo, Herbal Conditioner and Capsicum & Menthol Lotion from the hair line, for example, can turn into a sure-fire gift.

An always welcome kit consists of one or more products from the shaving line paired with the Shaving Bowl and the Natural Bristle Shaving Brush, handcrafted from high-quality and extremely durable materials.

Gifting Shampoo and Beard Conditioner also allows the recipient to ensure a complete and effective treatment.

Your ABC Choice Box Set

Your ABC Choice, cofanetto

Don’t know what to choose but would like to let a friend or family member experience all the benefits of Antica Barbieria Colla’s products? Here is a solution designed just for those who want to discover the best of the hair, beard and shaving line:

  • Your ABC Choice is the elegant box containing four samplers of the iconic 1 9 0 4 Colognes in the 1.2 ml format and 7 products in the practical 30 ml mini-format to choose from, offered at an exclusive price.

All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter (if you haven’t already done so) and explore our online shop to put your favourite products in your cart!