Renew your look with Antica Barbieria Colla offers

February can represent the right opportunity to renew your look in view of the ever closer spring, taking advantage  of Antica Barbieria Colla products. In fact, the new promotion is active in these days:  it allows you to buy some iconic products of our line at a reduced price by the 28th of the month. But which ones to choose? And most importantly, how can you use them to improve your appearance?

New life to hair

Ciotola da barba

There is nothing better than a new haircut to renew your appearance, thanks also to the skill of Antica Barbieria Colla barbers. But how to keep your hair healthy and vital even at home? Here is a series of products on offer not to be missed:

  • Extra-fixing Hair Wax: it allows to shape the hair, protecting it at the same time, thanks to a formulation based on aloe juice that offers a wet yet not  greasy effect;
  • Almond Shampoo: almond oil has been used for over 4,000 years for skin and hair care, thanks to its essential fat acids and vitamin E. This shampoo is therefore ideal for nourishing the hair, keeping it healthy and reducing the dry effect without weighing it down;
  • Black Fig Hair Gel: a fixing but ultra-light hair gel, for a soft and non-static effect on the hair. It is perfect for any occasion, thanks also to its delicate fragrance;

The pleasure of shaving

Sapone da barba all'Olio di Mandorle

Shaving is an important daily moment for every man, a moment to be lived in complete relaxation, to dedicate to oneself. For an artful shave, however, it is useful to have the right tools and products, both to facilitate the operation and to avoid irritation. For this reason we recommend the following products:

  • Almond Oil Hard Shaving Soap: one of the most popular Antica Barbieria Colla products , it helps to soften skin and beard hairs thanks to the emollient action of almond oil. It creates the ideal conditions for shaving, thus avoiding irritation even  in case of particularly sensitive skin;
  • Shaving Bowl: to better manage the soap and get a perfect “saponata“, it is necessary to use a real barber bowl . Made of polished stainless steel to resist oxidation, it is perfect both for mixing soap and for using the brush;
  • After Shaving Sun Cream SPF30: even in winter it is necessary to protect yourself from the harmful action of the sun’s rays, especially on the delicate skin of the face after shaving or, again, on the head for those who prefer a completely shaved look. Thanks to aloe, wheat germ and almond oil it offers a calming effect on the skin, while ensuring a long-lasting protection from the sun.

Always perfect beard and mustache

Cera per barba

With Antica Barbieria Colla it is easy to take care of beard and mustache, so that they are always in order, soft, shiny and healthy. From a small regrowth of a few days, to a long and thick beard cared for over the years, there are several products not to be missed:

  • Polishing and Protective Beard Wax: the perfect solution to shape the beard and, at the same time, keep it nourished, soft and shiny;
  • Extra-Firm Moustache Wax: the ideal product for those who love to sculpt their mustache, without sacrificing their health, beauty and softness. In addition to high-profile fixing elements, this wax contains emollient substances that do not dry the hairs.

A fragrance for everyone

Colonia 4

And finally, why not  taking advantage of the February promotion to marry a new fragrance? All the colonies of Antica Barbieria Colla are in fact on offer:

  • Cologne 1: a sophisticated composition, which opens on the notes of bergamot and citrus fruits, and then merges into a bouquet of flowers such as jasmine, ozonica and gardenia;
  • Cologne 9: from the notes of sandalwood to the accents of lily of the valley and geranium, up to a heart of musk and vanilla. A real crescendo of emotions;
  • Cologne 0: a debut of birch and bergamot, to reach more intense sensations of juniper wood and mugwort, united by the intensity of vetiver, cedar wood and oak moss;
  • Cologne 4: a luminous, sunny fragrance, with a combination of lemon, rosemary and lavender opening to a heart of carnation, orange, neroli and jasmine.