September of care and beauty, with the new ABC Offer

September is traditionally the month dedicated to body care and restoring your beauty routine after the summer break. The long weeks of exposure to the sun and the weather elements may have put your hair, beard, and skin under excessive stress, so it’s time to take advantage of an intensive treatment. How? By taking advantage of the new ABC Offer reserved for subscribers to our newsletter!

  • From September 7th to September 24th 2023, when you purchase two of your favorite products, you’ll receive a third one at no additional cost.

This initiative is valid only for purchases made on our official online shop and on a selection of products.

Get back on track in September: products on offer

Lozione Capsico & Mentolo, Crema Viso Acido Ialuronico e Caffeina, Dopobarba Mallo di Albicocche

Returning from holidays and getting back to your normal routine can be challenging for everyone, especially when you look in the mirror and find your hair weakened by sun exposure, your skin irritated, and your beard dry and unruly. So why not take the opportunity to stock up on your favorite products and start an intensive treatment?

The news ABC Offer is available for the following products:

Must-haves for September

Antica Barbieria Colla’s product line offers solutions for every aspect of men’s care and beauty. For example, in September, you can consider a new beauty routine based on three products, perfect for taking care of your hair, skin, and shaving needs:

  • Capsicum & Menthol Lotion: essential for strengthening hair after exposure to summer elements, promoting hair growth. Its energizing effect improves blood circulation in the scalp while providing a refreshing sensation;
  • Hyaluronic Acid&Caffeine Face Cream: after the sun and sunburn, your facial skin needs a specific treatment. That’s where a treatment based on hyaluronic acid comes in, with its toning and wrinkle prevention properties, along with caffeine to stimulate cell regeneration;
  • Apricot Hull Aftershave: after summer, your skin may be more prone to redness and irritation, so it’s essential to protect it with a soothing, soothing, and regenerating solution after shaving.

New edition, same quality

Crema Pre-Barba Blog

A small update for all Antica Barbieria Colla customers: the Almond Oil&Aloe Pre-Shave Cream has a fresh new look. The beloved ABC product now comes with a completely revamped packaging made of high-quality cardboard.

New design, but the same high quality: the ideal solution for moisturizing the skin before shaving and preventing irritation, thanks to the emollient and protective properties of almond oil and aloe.